Toddler resources


Trying to categorise stuff for younger kids - I have a 3-year-old, and no matter how brilliant I think they are, they aren't going to be exploring digital museums any time soon.

Note: (this page is a work in progress!!!)

Pure entertainment

Eduamactional videos


Offline (at least in part)

All in one HomeSchool has a printable curriculum at Getting Ready 1 for 4 year olds - though most of their curriculum needs web access e.g. youtube songs.

The Imagination Tree has a neat stay-at-home survival guide and lots of other ideas. Some free, some paid - ideas like play materials to stock up on.

Oxford Owl at Home has lots of learning stuff including a 3-4 year age group - this is from OUP! Some downloadable, some for purchase

Scholastic books has a free home learning site - some cool stuff but an awful lot is teasers with links to members-only resources

Nature and wildlife

The Woodland Trust had a blog at which now points to a bunch of other things:

10 nature activities you can do at home for kids

5 nature activities for adults

Nature quizzes!

Art and craft specific

Red Ted Art has lots of cute kid creative things

They also have a Stuck at home playlist for at-home craft fun!

Following a trail of links got me to Mr Printables with lots of printable bits



Need to sort through what I've found good, and links on the Apps for Kids page

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