Saturday update



Things are doing OK for us - we're isolating almost completely from other people, grabbing chances to go outdoors in natural areas where we don't have to touch anything!

I'm out of isolation in theory myself - being very careful though, gloves, scarfs, and the rest. But it was great to go to the local bakery and market for bread, cheese, eggs, and meat supplies - we get our weekly fruit+veg box, and regular milk collections, so hopefully I can avoid a supermarket for some time.

This website is only slowly gaining content - I'm dumping useful stuff in the firehose section initially, hope to categorise the mess of links there later. Mostly this is useful for me at the moment! I've also added a couple of blog articles here, one from notes from a colleague in Wuhan, one a useful perspective on distance learning.

I should shut down now and de-stress for a bit!

- Korny